I am back, and much, much more well-rested. This weekend was my last weekend on the inpatient floor, and I could not have switched to a more different rotation — the newborn nursery. And while I love working in inpatient medicine, newborns are a good respite; I love little, itty bitty babies, especially when they’re healthy (as they are in the newborn nursery). I examined about twelve cute little ones today, and now I’m floating on air.

On tap for tonight: the New York Philharmonic has their first of two open-air, free performances in Central Park. Wine, sandwiches, bread, and music make for a nice break from all the hustling around. (ACK: they found West Nile Virus in Central Park today, so they cancelled the concert, and are spraying the park. It’s rescheduled for tomorrow night, though, and as luck has it, I’m not on call.)

The latest Bushism of the Week:

“This case has had full analyzation and has been looked at a lot. I understand the emotionality of death penalty cases.”

Pretty funny — from Cam, it looks like CBS goofed and made it possible to find out who wins Survivor. (WARNING: don’t follow that link if you care about being surprised at the end of the show!)

I don’t get it, I really don’t get it — .TV domain names aren’t that valuable! I find it extremely hard to believe that this company will be around in three years.

For the second time in a year, my cellphone company is being bought out. Last buy-out brought me much lower rates; this one looks to make GSM a real player in the US. (GSM is the standard that my phone uses, and that makes my phone sound so much better than my friends’ phones.)

There seems to be a new hoo-hah over the fourth Harry Potter book; apparently, either J.K. Rowling goofed, or there’s a twist afoot. I just finished the first one, and loved it; the second and third are on their way from Amazon to me now.

It looks like the racial gap in death sentencing extends to the Federal level, as well. This isn’t surprising, but my gut feeling is that it’s worse, since changing Federal policy seems to be so much harder to do than changing state policy. Of course, one state policy that needs to be changed (or enforced, or whatever) relates to the fact that in Michigan, blacks are more likely to be searched without their consent.