Am I the only one that’s amazed by the pictures and video that have come out of the Concorde crash on Tuesday? First, there was the picture by the Hungarian tourists, then came the video by a Spanish woman who was driving by Charles de Gaulle Airport, and now there’s an amazing picture by a Japanese tourist of the engines on fire as the Concorde is lifting off from the ground. The media couldn’t have covered this any more intensely.

The Dems have snapped up pretty quickly, and have turned it into a site describing the ultra-conservative record that Dick Cheney’s left behind. Personally, I’m aghast at his voting record on issues dealing with women and children, but I probably need to know more than what this site is telling me.

In an interesting bit of history-unveiling, it appears that some FBI members actively attempted to stop racial integration in major league baseball, considering it a Communist plot to destabilize an American institution.

Oooooh, I want a doughnut from Doughnut Plant. If you live in NYC, and have had one, are they that good? How do they compare to Krispy Kreme, the creme de la creme of my doughnut world?

Update on the wedding registry for Newt Gingrich and Callista Bisek — people still haven’t ponied up for most of what they’ve asked for. I feel for them.

NBA players are taking a 10% pay for the next three seasons, due to a clause in their recently-negotiated collective bargaining agreement that levies the penalty if salaries make up more than 55% of all basketball-related income in the league. In the upcoming season, players’ salaries are projected to make up 64% of all income; roughly translated, that means that for each $60 ticket you buy to your home team’s games, you’re paying $38.40 directly into the players’ pockets.

I had no clue that Salon was doing Survivor episode summaries. They’re pretty great, actually.

Wired has a what’s-up-with-it-now article about the IBot 3000, Dean Kamen’s revolutionary new wheelchair that can go up and down stairs, balance in terrain that even us bipedal people can’t handle, elevate its user to nearly 8 feet of height, and is run totally by computers. Pretty amazing, and definitely utilizing technology to improve quality of life for people.

Napster is in a boatload of trouble, and like in the Microsoft case, it appears that internal documents are doing the company in. (A while back, I pointed to a story about the damning things found in Napster’s internal correspondence; now, the story still exists, but the server’s cranky about formatting it nicely.)