A few days ago, Jim Roepcke started a thread here, asking questions about how you guarantee the honesty of the people who are taking music from you via Napster; it’s turned into an interesting conversation, at least in a quasi-rationalizing-mindset kind of way.

Another small victory for Charles Darwin, John Scopes, and people with brains…

I like the idea furthered by one of the people interviewed for this article on cell phone rage: if someone’s talking on their phone in a place where it’s clearly annoying, whip out a notebook and visibly take notes on the conversation. (Of course, I also feel that people get all bent out of shape about many cellphone conversations when they wouldn’t even notice the same conversation going on between the same two people if they were both present and standing next to the complainer.)

Interesting, in an academic sort of way: the 22nd Amendment would permit a Gore-Clinton election ticket. (Of course, I think that laws against suicide would prevent it, but…)

Writ has a sociologic look at Survivor, harkening back to the Milgram Experiment, Machiavelli, alliances, and politics. It’s actually the first interesting read I’ve found on the show, and it made me realize that it’s the first time someone’s pegged exactly why the show’s so interesting — this shit is deeply embedded in a lot of people.

I have a blind date tonight; I’m being set up with a woman by my attending doctor up at the newborn nursery. Ack.