Over $90 million of the $137 million raised by Dubya so far comes from only 739 people. While I don’t know the equivalent stats for the Dems, this seems astounding. We live in a country with well over a quarter of a billion people, and less than 0.0003% of those people (you’re reading that right) have contributed 66% of the money going to try to elect the Republican candidate to the Presidency. Makes you wonder how much of a democracy this is…

Oh, and nevermind that Dick Cheney’s company, and Cheney personally, have contributed significant money to the candidates who are cosponsoring legislation limiting workers’ abilities to sue for asbestos-related health problems. I really believe that Dubya’s best quality was his lack of any real national political record, and that he is shooting himself in the foot by running with someone with an atrocious record in many different areas.

Louisiana is being taken to court over a vanity license plate template that contains “Choose Life” across the top. What’s worse, the money people spend to buy the plates is banned by state law from going to any organization that offers counseling or referrals to abortion clinics.

For those of you who didn’t already know, Jennifer Ringley, of JenniCam fame, recently stole the fiancee of one of her best friends, and ended up having sex with him on the JenniCam numerous times. For a while, outrage over the treachery was confined to weblogs and fan forums; now, however, the national media is on board, which means that Jenni gets a renewal on her 15 minutes of fame.

Lest you be cavalier while fishing, be very careful of the swordfish at the end of your line…

Microsoft has started a Knowledge Base article about the known issues with Windows 2000 Service Pack 1. In addition, it turns out that MS has listened to system admins and put together a way for you to build an installer that contains both Win2K and Service Pack 1 together; instructions are in the deployment guide.

Brigham Young did decide to kick Julie Stoffer out of school. Julie’s the woman who appeared on the current season of MTV’s Real World, and apparently, BYU believes that living with guys in the New Orleans house violates their honor code. I like Julie’s response — “I am happy to no longer be affiliated with BYU.”

Strangely, I just became addicted to the stupid little video games that Snapple has on their website. I truly am a freak sometimes.


Over $90 million of the $137 million raised by Dubya so far comes from only 739 people.

My reading of the article looks like this is just RNC soft money that we’re talking about. I’m not sure of the current numbers, but hasn’t Bush raised about $70 million from individuals? (Who, if I’m not mistaken, are limited to $1,000 contributions.) That would be at least 70,000 people. Still not very many.

Not that I’m defending the GOP or anything! :P

• Posted by: David Adams on Aug 4, 2000, 11:56 AM
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