There’s a Napster-related MSNBC article today that annoys me, because it both spreads misinformation about the law and still uses a pretty untenable rationalization to try to justify theft of music. I’ve thrown my feelings about this into the discussion group, so those of you who are Napstered out can avoid them.

The other night, I went out with a bunch of old friends in NYC, and the recent New York Magazine article about the incomes of New Yorkers, and how everyone’s stretched to their limits, kept coming up in conversation. I tell you, though, I have a very, very hard time feeling bad for anyone making seven figures, no matter where they live.

From Karl Martino comes a DNC-created site, I Know What You Did In Texas, all about Dubya’s sketchy legacy in the South. I haven’t had time to pore through it yet…

Verizon workers are striking; being that it’s the worst service company in the history of Earth, I wonder if anyone will notice. I have a feeling that even replacing the workers with trained chinchillas would result in more customer satisfaction. I can see the news stories now:

“Jack Smith, who ordered DSL 1,423 days ago but has yet to receive the service, was shocked yesterday when two squirrels and a hedgehog showed up at his door and claimed to be there to install the DSL line. Yet today, he’s surfing the web incredibly fast, and has nothing bad to say about the new frontline at Verizon.”

What a fantastic story — a family was flying back from the Bahamas in a small airplane, and after the pilot died at the controls, the father took over, sent out a call for help, and successfully landed the plane. When the life of your family is at stake, you can do anything…


I Know What You Did In Texas paid for by the DNC. I don’t know whether to cheer the DNC or think dumb move.

• Posted by: Karl Martino on Aug 6, 2000, 4:41 PM
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