If a browser fell onto the web and nobody were there to use it, would it make a difference?

It seems as if being a lesbian is a bad thing unless you’re Dick Cheney’s daughter. Do you think that he and his wife spend most of their family holidays lecturing Mary about her immorality and heathen nature? I love that Lynne Cheney flatly denied her homosexuality in an interview last week, despite Mary’s overwhelmingly open sexuality. I love hypocrites.

The photographer who took the uber-famous picture of Che Guevara in 1960 is suing Smirnoff vodka, who used the picture in ads without asking him or paying him royalties. Of course, if he wrote and performed a song rather than took a photo, his work would be swapped on Napster a million times a minute, with bunches of otherwise-intellectual folks trying to justify the violation of his copyright.

Does it seem to you like $250,000 isn’t close to enough of a fine for Verizon to have to pay? After all, they sent over 10,000 postcards to legislators lobbying them, and made them look as if they came from customers who never consented to the use of their name. Sleazy, sleazy, sleazy.

If you previously followed my link to the PalmPilot Growth Charts application (which lets you enter age, weight, height, and head circumference and computes percentiles based on the CDC’s year 2000 stats), you will want to download the latest version, which fixes a few bugs and improves the UI a slight bit.

David Cone finally won a friggin’ game, stopping his eight-game losing streak. Jose Canseco, new pickup for the Yanks, didn’t hurt either with his home run and three RBIs.