I am very, very, very sad today. Ben, Bryan, Lane, Courtney, Tempy: from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the fabulous product that you produced, the time and creative energy that you put into making the web a better place, and the endurance that you displayed in the face of obstacles that won. DeepLeap will be missed immensely.

This week’s Diary on Slate could turn out interesting — a telephone psychic, talking about her work.

Something just hit me — why has “television” come to be abbreviated “TV”, but “telephone” isn’t “TP”? Let’s start a national movement to call our telephones TPs. Come one, you all with me?

I worked my first evening shift in the pediatric ER tonight (5 PM to 2 AM), and it felt like about 2 hours went by before it was time to go home. It’s strange medicine, seeing each patient for an hour, tops, and then possibly never seeing them again. I like more continuity than that. But all that being said, it’s also pretty cool medicine — come in, spill your medical story out, get treated, and go home well again, or at least better than when you came in and on the road to wellness.