I signed up for the Davenetics mailing list a few weeks back, and have really been enjoying it — it’s written by Dave Pell, and it’s just a half-dozen or so links every day to news pieces related to the tech industry. Not bad, not bad at all.

Well, doesn’t this make FreeCell a hell of a lot less challenging.

This thread on MetaFilter had me rolling with laughter today; I love when pseudointellectual religious zealots try to do battle with a bunch of people who have no qualms mocking the zealotry openly. I’m hoping the thread ain’t finished.

Salon has two good “Mothers Who Think” columns in their recent stack of archives. First is Richard Knows Best, a pretty damn great column about the scheming guy who won Survivor and the disservice the schmuck did to his child by exposing the kid’s past on a national television show. And second, there’s Bosom Buddies, written by a self-described feminist mom who wonders if she can want breast implants and represent what is good and right in womanhood at the same time. Both good reads.

I dunno where I spotted this, but check out this actual snippet from the ABC NewsWire. Could you imagine if this hadn’t been caught? Liability, liability, liability…

Something which could come in handy for my upcoming trip to Alaska: the ABCs of bear & human conflict resolution. (Of course, it’s not going to hurt to visit the REI in Anchorage and stock up on pepper spray and bear bells.)


and make the following contribution:


There’s nothing quite as satisfying as pouring oil on the waters, especially if the oil happens to be flammable.

• Posted by: Andrew Duncan on Aug 29, 2000, 6:58 AM

Hey Jason, go back and read the item posted last Friday, beginning “Good and bad evening in the ER tonight”…

I laughed out loud, thinking that you meant it was cool to have pulled a baby carriage over on oneself and smacked one’s head on a steel step.

Heh, that would look great on a resumé! “My early achievements include…”


• Posted by: Andrew Duncan on Aug 29, 2000, 7:11 AM
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