Bob Herbert on the laughable nature of listening to Dubya and Cheney rattle on about how they’ll help the children of this nation. Dubya is a man who has demolished Texas’ ability to provide medical care to children; Cheney is a man who doesn’t want to provide any federal funding for children’s programs, anywhere. Do these two yahoos thing that we don’t know their records?

I love this picture; it took me a while to (read the caption and) realize that the grasshopper’s on a windshield, rather than caught in midair by the camera. The photo essay it comes from — MSNBC’s The Week In Pictures for 9/2/2000 — has a slew of great shots; while this week’s ones don’t have an archive link yet, they should show up at this URL once they are moved to the archive.

My last post yesterday about the battles between Tim O’Reilly and Dave Winer may make little sense to those people catching up today, since most of the context was moved from Dave’s home page yesterday to a subpage. Completely removed (not just the link, but the entire thing) was the survey that Dave was running which seemed to explode a bit late last night; all that’s archived is the question and results as of 10:15 PM Eastern.

Thanks for everything, Andre; your work and talent will be missed.


Thanks for everything, Andre; your work and talent will be missed.

Geez, how depressing. That almost sounds like I’m dead now, but last time I checked, I was still pretty much alive. ;-)

• Posted by: André Radke on Sep 2, 2000, 3:25 PM
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