I’m back — I just wandered in from JFK. Summary: great vacation. Everyone should go to Alaska.

My brother and I took many, many photos while we were there; I’m getting them all developed on Monday, and will start scanning soon thereafter. Expect a photo-of-the-day type thing for a little while (I hope that there are a ton of nice ones to justify it). We also emailed summaries of the trip to our sister at various points during the vacation. I’m thinking of doing an entire travelogue website, and I’ll probably include the emails.

Meanwhile, while I was gone, it seems like a lot of cool stuff has happened in the news — Atlantis docking with the ISS, Dubya making many asses of himself, the Olympics starting, and so on. I’ve got a lot of surfing to do to catch up; expect many related links in the coming days.

Now, to sleep, perchance to dream…