In the history department, the Library of Congress has released transcripts of a slew of George Washington’s diaries, spanning the time from 1748 to 1799. Of course, there’s been a great site compiling the papers of Washington for a while now; this just fleshes out the online offerings from the pen of our first President.

I see that (Disney) has settled on a new logo and look; I can’t help but think that this is a final response to losing the lawsuit that filed against them.

Spiff-o-rama: if you’re wondering what the time is in Sydney, and (like me) seem to have problems keeping the correction straight, just go to ESPN’s Olympics main page. There’s a constantly-running clock in the upper lefthand corner. (Of course, if you don’t want Olympics spoilers, then don’t go there.)

One issue that’s gripping Alaska (seriously!) is the legalization of marijuana. I don’t quite know the history of the issue, but apparently, it used to be legal, and now it isn’t. Each morning, it seemed that every radio station devoted at least 20 or 30 minutes to call-in discussions about it.

This may be old for some people, but I didn’t realize that a student’s computer was seized due to his alleged blatant music piracy. Interesting is that it was an old-fashioned FTP site, not a Napster node; I assume that the RIAA is just starting to set precedents. Good; if the kid were providing software, everyone would agree with the move.

Every now and then, I got lucky, and the little Alaskan town I was in had a copy or two of the New York Times around. I considered myself doubly lucky that I was able to get a copy last Wednesday, and read Maureen Dowd’s column on the RNC’s subliminal (or subliminable) RATS commercial. It’s a genius way to write a column, something more creative than I’m used to in political wonk editorials. (Interestingly, though, this column went out on the Times wire, and many sources picked it up without the bold emphasis, making it totally lose its meaning. That sucks.)

If I were a practicing Jew, I’d need me one of these.

Yet another reason not to vote for Dubya and Cheney — they’re overtly asking voters to spam their friends.

Holy crap — I go away for a mere two weeks, and while I’m gone, Mike abandons Dubya, something I would have never, ever predicted. Now, if we could only coerce him over to the good side… :)

Why does it not surprise me, though, that Dave Winer’s tilting at Tim O’Reilly’s windmills is still going on after those two weeks?

Has anyone else noticed that Wired’s Newsbot appears to be stuck at the end of August? Has it been shut down?