Sorry for the quiet week — getting back from a vacation always means more work than you thought that you had, and much more work than you want to do. I’m on pediatric cardiology now, and since my hospital is a major center for complicated surgeries and repairs, we’ve got some sick kids.

A panel of British Lord Justices has ruled that the conjoined twins “Jodie” and “Mary” must be separated, killing Mary in the process. I don’t understand the parents in this one. They want God’s will to play out (which would most likely kill both sisters), yet they traveled to Britain from their Mediterranean island home to see if they could be separated in the first place. Once they started down the road of surgical separation, there really was no telling where it would end.

Of course “conversion” doesn’t work. John Paulk, hero of the let’s-convert-gays-to-God-fearing-straight-people crowd, was caught (and photographed) cavorting in a Washington, D.C. gay bar. How does Paulk’s organization, Focus on the Family, respond to something like this? If they fire him, they admit that all their prosletyzing through him was bullshit. But they can’t trust him anymore, either. Sucks to be in the religious right…

In light of students holding “spontaneous, impromptu” prayer at sports events and communities withdrawing support for Boy Scouts troops (both as a result of Supreme Court decisions), Dahlia Lithwick writes about some (ahem) other small protests against Court rulings being held around the country.

Michael Goldstein has some great ideas to make Tiger Woods’ golf appearances more competitive and challenging, rather than the one-sided affairs that they have turned out to be.

It’s a crying, crying shame that Dr. Laura’s show halted production. Oh, wait, no it’s not — it sucked!

How can you not read an article that begins as such: “Here’s a theory: Louis Freeh has photographs of key Republican congressmen in compromising positions with young boys.” (It’s an attempt to figure out why FBI director Louis Freeh has near-immunity on Capitol Hill.)

I’ve heard of desperate measures by dot-com companies before, but this takes the cake — win a date with the CEO of There’s even an interview with her mom!