Is it just me, or has the amount of spam being sent increased exponentially over the past month or two?


My new backpack: good. My new backpack’s manufacturer’s crappy Flash-based website: bad.

Frickin’ coooooool: GeoCaching, wherein you leave a secret stash of goodies somewhere, record the location via your GPS, and then post it to a website for others to find, take stuff, and add stuff. I doubt you could pull this off in NYC itself; the stash would be either thrown into the trash or found by a homeless person within hours.

Another cool GPS site (that I wish I had known about before I went to Alaska): the Degree Confluence Project. The goal is to find out where all of the whole-integer latitude and longitude lines cross, and take a picture of the spot; I’m sure that I could have helped out during my vacation.

A viewpoint I hadn’t heard before — Apple’s plummet is being blamed on the release of the G4 cube. Pretty, yes, but I agree that there doesn’t seem to be a market for the computer.

Suck has caught onto the TiVo giveaway story. (And there are rumors in some circles that some winners of free TiVos have been receiving the 30-hour model rather than the 14-hour model. My fingers are crossed…)

Some people don’t know when to quit. Hmmmm, let’s see — now, two Federal level courts have ruled that the INS acted within its discretion, and in their decisions, specifically cited laws and directives which gave the INS its power of search and seizure; yeah, this lawsuit’s going somewhere.

If at first your coach gets canned, sue, sue again.

Timothy Noah, erstwhile Chatterbox correspondent for Slate, asks an interesting question — what will happen to the White House website once Clinton leaves office? It began during his term, and the website is a strong reflection of his particular time in office. Luckily, though, no matter what the Powers That Be decide to do, there are some good archives around the web.

I truly dislike when idiots can’t understand the difference between the First Amendment right to free speech and some other entity’s right to not have to help that person further his or her views — it’s like a virus, and other people end up believing that this hick has some free speech-based “right” to have his BBQ sauce sold in major chains.