More CueCat stuff. It appears that Digital Convergence can’t do crap to anyone who received their barcode scanner free in the mail, since free mail gifts, by law, can be used in any manner that the recipient sees fit. Also, someone has figured out how to turn off the built-in barcode encryption in the CueCat, meaning that the output is pure ASCII data. Looks like Digital Convergence needs to start looking for a new business model, fast; in the mean time, I recommend that everyone go out and get a free scanner while they’re still available.

What does everyone think — should the Clintons choose Harlem for their Manhattan pied-a-terre? Personally, I think it wouldn’t be too bad a choice; Harlem’s bark is much, much worse than its bite, and actually has some beautiful areas within it.

Tres, tres interresant — if this document is trustworthy, then Dubya was suspended from the Texas Air National Guard, apparently for neglecting to get a physical. The Democrats (obviously, not an unbiased reporting source) believe that there is some credibility behind the notion that Bush avoided a physical because of the newly-implemented military policy of random drug screenings during physicals; I’d believe that. (Thanks to MetaFilter for the link.)

Brad is excellent form. And, in the world of meta-meta, Jason noticed the same thing that Brad did. Strange…

Frickin’ Yankees. I didn’t even get to watch the game; I was on call.

Piddlin’ around the web last night while on call, I ran into the dot.TV domain registrar again, and decided to check out what their crazy suggested bid for would be. Crazy, indeed — do these people think that they’re going to remain solvent for long?

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit spent an extra amount of time Monday on the Barnes & Noble appeal of the injunction preventing the company from using Amazon’s single-click order system. And while this case doesn’t deal with the validity of the patent, the panel is clearly thinking about that issue, or they wouldn’t have spent over twice the normal time on this case.

If you’ve ever needed a dictionary for the lingo of typography, then counterspace is for you. It’s damn beautiful, too; the only ding on it is the Flash intro page (although it’s about 4 seconds long, so it’s not too bad).

Take it from a pediatrician — Greg is a wise, wise man.