I am now a full-fledged, no-holds-barred member of the TiVolution. Right now, I’m watching St. Elsewhere, which Bravo started running in syndication recently; I’m soooooo happy.

David Theige’s MedEd News is back! David is an internal medicine doc at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine. He’s also the director of the medicine clerkship there (it’s the course that every third-year medical student has to take to learn about general inpatient medicine), and MedEd News is his site devoted to topics about academic medicine.

Damn it! How did I not know that last week’s Breakfast Table over at Slate involved Dahlia Lithwick? I love her writing; time to curl up with the laptop on the sofa and read away.

I can’t say more about this than the headline says itself: Man with No Hands Fails to Climb Mount Everest.

Dan Budiac != DanDot. Dan Budiac = DanSays.

OK, the rate of influx of spam in my inbox has definitely rocketed — 13 pieces in about four hours today, to an email address that usually gets 1-2 pieces a day. I guess it’s time to turn on the MAPS Realtime Blackhole List block on my mail server

The first two years of medical school involve many, many, many lectures, and I have to admit that I gave into the temptation to skip some here and there. Very early, though, I learned that any lecture given by Eric Kandel was not to be missed — he is probably the smartest man I’ve met, and one of the best lecturers I’ve come across. It appears that others share my admiration for him; he won the Nobel Prize yesterday. Cool.

Last Friday, Marty McSorley was convicted of assault with a weapon for his dirty, dirty hit on Donald Brashear last year during an NHL game. He was given only probation; he also has to ask the commissioner for permission to return to the league. It will be interesting if other sports leagues go the legal route for transgressions in their arenas; I can see the power forward position in basketball having to change pretty drastically.


Quick note, mozilla should now render your CSS correctly, as most of the bugs are fixed. It looks like the calendar still isn’t right to me, but that may be what it looks like on my machine.


• Posted by: Jason Kersey on Oct 10, 2000, 6:51 PM

The calendar is still fucked up (many ways), as is the right side of the membership box and the line under bookmarks in the left-hand column.

This is using Netscape Preview 3; I haven’t checked any of the Mozilla builds, though.

The greatest thing about NSpr3? That it refuses to connect to my webmail servers. The piece of shit doesn’t refuse to connect to all HTTPS servers, just my two Webmail ones.

Sorry — it’s still not worth my time. I’ve tried to help them improve it with many bug reports; apparently, the help ain’t welcome.

• Posted by: Jason Levine on Oct 10, 2000, 8:11 PM

I think the css bugs were fixed post PR3, but i’m not sure. What webmail servers are you having a problem with?

• Posted by: Jason Kersey on Oct 11, 2000, 3:01 PM

Every time I report problems with Mozilla, the answer is that the next version fixes them. Every time.

The webmail servers run WebMail, a product of Infinite Technologies. If you want to see how PR3 won’t even show the home page, go to:


• Posted by: Jason Levine on Oct 14, 2000, 5:43 PM
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