Ever have a day where it’s all you can do to prevent your frustration from getting the better of you? Yesterday was one of those days. We had a famous, famous professor of pediatric cardiology visiting the hospital, and while cool, it meant that it was incredibly tough to get anything done for kids on the inpatient cardiology floor, and I could feel my impatience level rising. And once all of the little, “standard” annoyances were added to this, I just wanted to come home, curl up in a little ball, and wake up next week.

On the flipside, though, I got some very nice compliments from people whose opinions matter; it definitely took the edge off of the day enough to keep me from dissolving, and made taking call last night tolerable.

Ford’s having a very, very bad run of things lately. If they were a dot-com, they’d be declaring bankruptcy right about now.

Thanks go to Firda for the link to the button with anger. I like sites like this…

And more thanks to Heather for the link to a very silly kitty. I want another kitten…

A federal jury gave Heather Mercer a cool $2 million today, ruling that Duke excluded her from being a placekicker on their Division I football team solely due to her gender. I’m not clear on something — does the NCAA have a rule that players on a men’s football team should be men? Is it considered a men’s football league? I admit that I assumed it was; I think I’m wrong.

I just declared George W. Bush a big smirky doofus; merci beaucoup to GeekForce for giving me the opportunity to do so.

UrbanFetch, we hardly knew ye. I’ll miss them; they were much better than Kozmo, and I think that I’m going to end up back at Blockbuster more.


It will be interesting if other sports leagues go the legal route for transgressions in their arenas

In case you weren’t aware, the NHL didn’t bring this to the courts, they didn’t want this to become a legal matter at all.

The RCMP/Government/whatever charged McSorley with assault.

Why any league would *want* to go the legal route is beyond my comprehension. In hockey, football and baseball, violence is a fact of life.

Okay, maybe in basketball, where a player can get fouled for just sweating on an opposition player, and internal problems have gone to court. (sheesh)

• Posted by: Jim Roepcke on Oct 13, 2000, 3:15 AM
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