Let’s go Yankees! The Rocket pitched a complete game, one-hit wonder; he struck out 15 batters, setting a new nine-inning ALCS record. The Yanks are finally showing their stuff.

For those of you who were wondering, yes, the U.S. government again is operating without a budget. It never ceases to amaze me how a bunch of people so bent on telling others how to do things can be so inept at actually doing the things that they need to do.

Mozilla Milestone release 18 is out; what do you think the chances are that the CSS here shows up correctly, or that it will connect to my WebMail servers? (Answer: slim chances. The CSS borders on tables are still screwed up, as this screenshot shows; M18 also doesn’t connect to the WebMail servers.)

One of the beautiful things about a drug finally gaining FDA approval is that, once approved, the drug can be used for indications that aren’t the ones for which the drug got approval. These uses are called “off-label,” and there are a ton of drugs that are now standard-of-care for conditions despite never being approved by the FDA for those conditions. And what all this means is that Searle whining about misoprostol not being labeled for use in abortions is meaningless — even though misopristol was approved as an antiulcer drug, it is used regularly by obstetricians to induce labor in full-term pregnancies, and to limit post-partum hemorrhage, and it will continue to be used for reasons other than ulcers.

Fun, fun — George W. Bush magnetic poetry, from the safety of your own computer.


The mozilla nightlies are now showing borders correctly; they also (finally) have :hover working again. I was amazed that some folks at Netscape were marking the bugs related to :hover rtm-, meaning that it wasn’t a block for release! If Netscape6 is released without capabilities like :hover, it’s going to be laughed into 0% browser share.

• Posted by: Bill Stilwell on Oct 15, 2000, 6:16 PM
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