Has it really been a whole week since I updated? Wow… I had no idea.

One reason for the lack of late-week updates was that I was at game 5 of the World Series. Amazing game, as was the entire series; it’s a shame that most of the country didn’t tune in, because it was one of the best-played Series in my lifetime. The best part of game 5, though, was that I was lucky enough to have had a media pass, so I stayed on the field after the game until nearly 2 AM, watching the celebration. Awesome.

Holy shit! Despite talking about it about a hundred times this past week, I almost completely forgot that tonight’s when we roll back our clocks an hour, meaning that I get an extra hour’s sleep tonight. Happy happy joy joy!

The dink speaketh:

“It’s important for us to explain to our nation that life is important. It’s not only life of babies, but it’s life of children living in, you know, the dark dungeons of the Internet.”

Here’s an excellent IIS 5.0 reference from Microsoft, which includes an Apache directive to IIS conversion table. I’m linking mostly as a bookmark for myself, but I figured others could get some use out of it, too…

From MetaFilter comes a news story about an Oklahoma school which suspended a student for allegedly casting a spell which made a teacher sick. The best part of the story, though, has to be that the principal of the school really is named Charlie Bushyhead.

So, because of the flu vaccine shortage in the U.S., my normal supplier of the vaccine (the pediatric pulmonology department) isn’t giving shots this year. Instead, everyone has to go down to the occupational health department, and wait about two hours before being seen by a nurse who will determine if I’m eligible for an early shot. Thus, despite the fact that a bunch of us are working in the neonatal ICU and should be some of the first to get the shot, none of us can go get it — there’s just not that much time that any of us can take off in the middle of the day. Ridiculous.

Does anyone else think it’s sorta funny that the latest version of WinAmp is v2.666?

What the hell was this father doing leaving a two-year-old boy alone in his truck for almost two hours? I hope that they find they boy, but I also hope that they don’t return him to the father.

Once again, the level of spam seems to have picked up significantly. Even with the Realtime Blackhole List feature turned on at my mailserver, I’m getting hit hard. (Wow, it turns out that Wired has an article about this today.)

The members of the Samba development team that have been working on a version compatible with Windows 2000 (among many other things) has officially forked into a new codebase. Interesting.


of course the media would only focus on the ‘controversy’, when there is something deeper and more interesting going on.

the fact that it’s oklahoma (indian reservations), and the names ‘blackbear’ and ‘bushyhead’ should give you a clue.

they’re cherokees. or at least, i know bushyhead is a well-respected name amonst my relatives. sort of like ‘rockefeller’ to you full-blood caucs. native american culture has some deep-seated issues with ‘witches’.

native americans can say they’re roman catholic till they’re blue in the face; the native drum beats within. very much in parallel with the japanese race, where they can be buddhist and shinto at the same time, and see no conflicts …

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