Once again, Michael Moore asks the questions about Dubya that should be asked. How many people do you know that have been arrested three times? How many of them qualify to be President?

Thankfully, FindLaw has provided the arrest and DUI record for Dubya’s youthful indiscretion.

Dahlia Lithwick’s back with her Supreme Court Dispatches, this time about a case pitting the Army Corps of Engineers against states’ rights to control their own ponds and lakes. (Best quote: “Congress must save the birds so we may kill them.”) The thing I love about her is that they’re not just about the cases before the Court, they’re about the people in the Court. This week, it’s about a poor deputy solicitor general who got reamed by Rehnquist.

While I’m glad that Dave Winer and his people have finally brought Referrer Logs to the Manila masses, I find it a little interesting how much their version looks like the referrer log tool that I wrote for Manila. I’ll take it as flattery. :)

Hey! What happened to the attachments on my discussion group messages? Some of the messages have binary attachments; none of them are showing up as available for download. (See here and here; both should have lines in the headers offering downloads.) Fuck.