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Piggyback strong woman.

If anyone’s got an extra four grand lying around, he or she could feel absolutely free to buy me this scanner. (It’s a new Polaroid, announced this week, and at least by specs, it beats our Scitex EverSmart Pros. Intereting indeed.)

TiVo is at it again, this time with an essay contest on how TiVo can help you enjoy TV rivalries (huh?). They’re giving away Sony 30-hour recorders this time, rather than the Philips 14-hour ones. Contest ends December 15th, so get you essays in now…

When Firda wants a screenshot, Firda gets a screenshot. And now, Mike wants a screenshot, too.

I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how this band of nutjobs ended up in my referrer log yesterday. Should I be worried? Am I being targeted as against vasectomies and tubal ligations?

Thank you, Neale, I really needed to read about poop transfusion. Most concerning to me: there’s this little rule we have in hospitals that any body fluids given from one person to another (e.g., blood, platelets, immunoglobulins) is sterilized beforehand. Clearly, here they want the bacteria and bugs and whatnot — but riding along, they get the hepatitis, polio, and HIV. Ick.