first earth image from iss

The first picture of Earth taken by the inhabitants of the International Space Station has been sent back, and it’s a beauty. With my obsession of all that is space-related, I can’t wait for the images to come pouring in…

I have to say I’m pretty damn honored to be on Matt’s daily reading list. My daily reading list is comprised of the links in the bookmark list in the gutter of this page; close inspection will demonstrate that Matt’s there, and good memory will recognize that he’s been there for a while.

Somewhere, there’s some guy who just found out that his girlfriend wrote in to a sex advice column, and he’s damn proud.

Hey, I’ve got an idea. Let’s take one of the crappiest designs of a computer — a design that completely reversed a company’s phoenix-like rise from the ashes and sent its stock tumbling — and copy it, throw Linux on, and sell it. Oh, wait… crap, someone’s done it. (Of course, Linux-centric strategies are having their own struggles to boot.)

It’s not so often that Mike and I agree on something, but agree on something we do — Andrea is being a bit of a bitch. Why take a gesture so well-meaning and deride it? Seems nuts.

Anyone think it was a coincidence that Clinton’s remarks on human rights in Vietnam were munged by the translator on the nationally-run television station?

From what I can tell, the Mac version of Netscape 6 has a few issues, as well. It’s amazing to me that I’m not reading diatribes about the browser from the same fanatics who lambaste Microsoft for releasing products with known bugs; I can’t say it surprises me all that much, though.

I ain’t gonna lie to you — my friend Phil can take a damn fine picture.