Anyone out there feel like testing IPv6 for Windows 2000? According to the FAQ, the preview stack will allow web page views; I’m not quite clear on the addressing scheme, though. (This clears it up a little.) The whole thing is tempting, seeing as if you have the right routing equipment, you can join the 6boneanything called “6bone” must be worth joining.

Russ Cooper has come up with two excellent web pages, one for IIS 4.0 and one for IIS 5.0, that try to keep up-to-date with the hotfixes that any security-conscious web administrator should apply. Take heed.

Timothy Noah has a great little ditty on little bits of history that weren’t, including Alexander Graham Bell’s role in making Chester A. Arthur into President of the United States.

Will someone explain to me why disqualifying a ballot because it doesn’t meet the standards set by the law is unpatriotic, while disqualifying a ballot because the machine didn’t punch a hole all the way through is legitimate (albeit not in line with what the law says)? The bandying about of words like “patriotic” is especially disingenuous, as well, implying that the vote of someone in the military is somehow more important than that of a civilian, not to mention somehow less vulnerable to the applicable election laws.

By the way, not that it matters in the who-will-live-in-the-White-House sense, but Gore has finally won New Mexico, and appears to still have Wisconsin and Oregon in his pocket.