I did not avoid Vietnam service by enlisting family help to get into the Texas National Guard. I have not been arrested since 1968. I didn’t talk about my DWI because I didn’t want my daughters to follow in my footsteps. Dick Cheney did not have a heart attack. I wonder what all these statements have in common…

And, demonstrating his complete lack of understanding of how this country has divided roles among the various branches of government, we have Dubya in Austin today:

“The legislature’s job is to write law. It’s the executive branch’s job to interpret law.”

How badly do I want this? Bluetooth is going to lead to some cool-ass toys.

I bet that porting Wpoison over to the world of Frontier, as a Manila site plug-in, would be a trivial task…. maybe something to think about doing over the weekend holiday.

Where did all of Ocean.com’s seed money go? To an expensive URL, an annoying Flash-animated splash page, and an “unlaunch” party; the company won’t ever see the light of day.

Jason Kottke seems to have caught a web thief in flagrante, as it were, an excellent catch. (I took screenshots of both the IBM and Sumerset sites, just for posterity’s sake…) Google’s got a cached page that includes a form link to IBM.com in it; I also got a screenshot of the page and its source, clearly showing the IBM.com link.

Ah, you’ve gotta love that new XFL.

I say we demand a new rule for the media: every time that they report a Republican official’s complaints about how terribly unfair it is for Florida to be counting dimpled ballots, they must also report that Texas election law (and specifically, law signed by George W. Bush) specifically counts dimpled ballots. That way, at least the entire media-consuming public knows what a crock of shit these complaints are.

Thankfully, in the deluge of Florida election-related news, the news outlets are gettin’ plucky: Court Legalizes Hand Jobs.