I love the idea of ISSN numbers for weblogs — if nothing else, it can help make all of us freaks feel like there’s a legitimate purpose to the amount of time we spend maintaining our sites.

I gotta tell ya’, I’m proud as hell to be in the returns of this search.

Time Warner has settled, with prejudice, a pending lawsuit with the Department of Labor for $5.5 million; much like the recent Microsoft fracas, Time Warner was being sued for alleged misclassifications of employees in order to avoid having to provide benefits. I’d imagine that, with the imminent merger with AOL, Time Warner wanted to get this behind them.

CNN and the Florida Broadcasting Association are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to allow cameras in the Court during this Friday’s election-related appeal. I can’t imagine that they’ll get the permission; while much more media-saturated, this is hardly the most important case that’s been argued before the Court in the past few years.

What’s interesting to me is that it appears that Laurence Tribe will be arguing for Gore; he’s been bandied about as a possible nominee to the Court someday. As for Bush’s counsel, I’ve actually heard Ted Olson argue before the Court, and he’s no dummy either. Two friends of mine are going to be at the arguments, which would be damn cool.

I’m not sure why, but I think Damien’s trying to say something in today’s post, and it’s not necessarily about fairness in secondary school test grading…

Can you imagine losing a satellite on launch, sucking it up and building a replacement satellite, and then losing that satellite on launch? The satellite was going to provide consumer-level imaging of Earth, with resolution down to one meter; EarthWatch has offically declared the mission a failure.