Possibly one of the coolest pictures I’ve seen in my lifetime: Earth At Night, assembled from hundreds of pictures taken by the satellites of the Defense Meteorological Satellites Program.

If you can’t convince women to have sex with you by “traditional” means, then convince them that you’re a faith healer, and sex with you would cleanse them of evil spirits. (Careful, though; your prison cellmate may try the same reasoning on you…)

I think it would be a bad precedent to set to let people who have too much money and too little neuronal function launch into space and spend time on the International Space Station. Next, you’d have Larry Ellison sneaking continent-sized Oracle ads into space in his carry-on luggage, and that just cannot amount to much good.

While (obviously) partisan, Robert Wright’s latest editorial on Slate is a damn good summary of just how offensive the behavior and rhetoric of the Republicans has been in the past few weeks. And elsewhere on Slate, Timothy Noah weighs in, catching Katherine Harris in yet another lie about what she could and could not do Sunday night in her vote certification. (Hint to Katherine: if you’re going to lie, don’t do it while citing your reasons in publicly-recorded laws; someone can, and will, eventually read the law and realize that you’re full of shit.)

I’m soooo sick of the press using kid gloves on Dubya; for the love of God, the man is asking Democrats not to challenge the election results any further, yet he also filed his fifth lawsuit yesterday to force Florida counties to adjust their ballot numbers! He also was the one who filed the appeal to the Supreme Court. If he really meant what he said, he’s withdraw the appeal at the Court — but, of course, he’s never meant what he has said. What a disingenuous boob.

Of course, the Supreme Court ruled to keep cameras out. But does C-SPAN’s general counsel really think that this case is more deserving of cameras than any other? I find that hard to believe.

George W. Bush, or chimpanzee?