New Manila plug-in: altTemplate. It allows you to create new, alternate templates for your Manila site, and render selective messages through those templates. (As an example, here’s the altTemplate home page rendered through a totally blank template.) You have to control your own Manila server in order to install and use the plug-in (although, of course, you can ask your server manager to install it as well).

First, he says he didn’t do it — “I’m such a good person. People who know me just can’t believe this is happening.” — and then he admits he did it — “I apologize. I do understand that everyone should have to pay the tolls.” With people like Clinton and Dubya setting good examples for the proper way to respond to allegations which turn out to be provable and true, though, would you expect anything different from average American citizens?

Cool — while they’re not allowing cameras in the Supreme Court, the Justices are going to release the audio of Friday’s hearing “on an expedited basis.” It will be cool to listen to those arguments; that being said, Justices frequently ask devil’s advocate questions, and I’m willing to bet that TV stations will turn the tape into soundbites that take a lot of those kinds of questions well out of context.

Michael Kinsley has a good column on the idiocy of whining about the contesting of Florida’s election returns. My favorite point: Katherine Harris actually used the necessity of being able to contest an election in a timely fashion as the reason for having to certify the results when she did; buying her need to certify the election also buys you into the legitimacy of contesting the returns once certified.