After some feedback on the Manila altTemplate plug-in, I’ve updated a few scripts. If you’ve installed it, all you need to do is update the altTemplate root, and voila, the updates will flow in.

Shocking newsthe Republicans are hypocrites!

Damn that Y chromosome, I wanna be a tetrachromat!

An short passage, encrypted by Edgar Allen Poe in 1841, was just decrypted by a Canadian computer programmer. (Strangely, it predicted that a clueless buffoon would win the 2000 election…)

I wonder if, after the installation of the new solar panels, the space station will even be visible from NYC… now that would be cool. Hell, it’s just cool that they’re about to install panels that are 240 feet wide onto an orbiting object.

I dunno, do ya’ think that it’s about time to cut out this Nazi relic? I wonder how the Germans let this go for 63 years, but then again, I wonder why someone planted a swastika of larch trees in the first place.

From the pictures, it looks like you had a nice Thanksgiving, Meg; personally, I’m just happy that the Iron Giant was allowed to participate.