As one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while, the New Yorker ran an article on November 27th by Rodney Rothman detailing his two-week stint pretending to work for a Silicon Alley dot-com. He just walked in each day, set up shop at an unused desk, made phone calls, drank free drinks, and took in the free massages; only once was he asked what he did, and he told the truth. The Star Trib has an entry about the story in their weblog; apparently, employees of the company that’s commonly thought to be the one Rothman infiltrated have been chatting it up at The Vault (although I can’t get through right now).

The Onion rules the roost yet again: Teen Exposed To Violence, Profanity, Adult Situations By Family. (Second-best in this issue: including “Always scrubbing hands before performing surgery” in their chart of Top Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders.)

Did Netscape jump the gun with new browser? (Yes.)

FreeMedical tracking all of the journals that make their content free on the web. Mostly a bookmark for myself, but it may come in handy for all of you people as well.

For those of us without web-enabled cellphones, Dack presents Cell Phone Theater. It’s a modification of one of my favorite sites, Stick Figure Death Theater; apparently, a lot of these have been going around for the web-enabled cellphone crowd. Classic.

What… a… FREAK.

If you’re a lawyer arguing in front of the Supreme Court, what’s the only thing worse then calling Justice Ginsburg “Justice O’Connor”? Calling her “Justice O’Ginsburg,” which is what Ted Olson, lawyer for Dubya, did (although the official transcript leaves that little bit out).

Also related to the Court arguments this past Friday: has pictures of the frenzy in front of the Court, and scholars are desperately trying to predict what each and ever word uttered in the session means.