The website cataloging the winners of the 5K website contest is finally live; damn, it’s a beaut, and it’s fun trawling through the entries.

Zero for 11 — craptastic.

Once again, thanks to Gael for passing on the link to Where Are the Toons Now? — funny, damn funny.

Wow, California’s having some major power problems. This is about when all those dot-coms start realizing how smart it would have been to co-locate mirrors of their websites around the country…

“A culture of carelessness seems to have taken over in high-tech America. The personal computer is a shining model of unreliability because the high-tech industry today actually exalts sloppiness as a modus operandi.” This is a pretty damn good glimpse at the lack of quality engineering in the U.S. high-tech arena.

After the Knicks/Spurs game a few nights ago (in which my beloved Spurs got beaten by the weak Knicks, grrrrr), the NY Times ran an article looking at Sean Elliott, the Spurs guard who underwent a kidney transplant two years ago and is now playing one of his best seasons ever. What a terrific story.

Also in the world of sports, Mitch Albom has a column in the Detroit Free Press lamenting the world of $100-million players in the NBA, and what it has meant for the world of coaching managing. (For those who haven’t read it, Mitch Albom is the author of Tuesdays With Morrie, one of the best books I have ever read.)

Choose Your Own Adventure: Election Edition.

In all this election turmoil, I’ve heard the term “Constitutional crisis” bandied about willy-nilly, and I’ve wondered at times if the person offering their take on the situation has any idea what they’re talking about. NYU Law School professor Marci Hamilton has written a great article on how, rather than being a Constitutional crisis, this ongoing election highlights how strong and crisis-ready our Constitution really is.

In further election-related news, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has unanimously voted to review the many reports of election-related discrimination and fraud once the new President is in office.