WOW, is this rotation kicking my ass. I’ve been on call twice, and I’ve already gotten twelve admissions; right now, I’m carrying more than half of the patients on my service, despite there being three other interns on-service.

MSNBC’s Year 2000 in Pictures, once again not failing to amaze.

Oh, sweet Jesus, this exchange of love emails between Amazon and a customer is just awesome.

Joe Mahoney passed on a great email forward that describes my exact mornings when I’m on service (well, almost exact; while I’m not perfectly sure of my early-morning memories, I’m reasonably sure that Libido has a larger role).

Thank you, Kim, for passing on the link to musicians’ concert riders. The magazine that I do part-time work for frequently has to deal with celebs, and the things that they ask for have always amazed me; it doesn’t shock me in the least that musicians are no different.

Awesome! Apparently, France is pushing hard to get the Concorde certified as airworthy again. It would be a damn shame to have the 12 remaining Concordes sitting in hangars gathering dust.

I saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon this past week. It was terrific; whenever it started getting the slightest bit slow, all of a sudden, women were kicking each other’s asses again. I left the movie completely pumped up, wanting to find a sword and walk on walls.

I’ve really had to search myself to figure out if I would know if my daughter had an AWOL soldier living in her closet, playing sex games with her, and having the run of my home when I was at work. I hope I would.

Poor kid; I wonder if he’ll ever feel comfortable using a toilet again. Time for repeat toilet training

Damn, the business media is full of suckers. The news services all dutifully reported that eToys warned of lower-than-expected revenues; what they glazed over, though, was that the eToys press release blamed the lower revenues, in part, on “a consumer population meaningfully distracted by the presidential election and its aftermath.” What a load of horseshit. Sometimes I think that the people who write these things actually come up with the most fanciful lies they can, trying to see if anyone catches them.

From Lloyd Grove, in the Washington Post:

At Paul and Carol Laxalt’s Wednesday night Christmas party in McLean, Dick Cheney joined Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Anthony M. Kennedy (two of the five who voted to stop manual vote-counting in Florida). We hope the vice president-elect gave the jurists his heartfelt, gracious thanks.

Why does it not surprise me that Verio is the ISP banned from using WHOIS data for spamming? I have never had a single good experience with the damn company.