Good morning, world. I’m off of work for three days (the biggest possible luxury I could ever hope for), and just wanted to reassure those who have mailed that I am, in fact, alive.

Welcome back to the world of the living, MetaFilter. I almost went into status epilepticus without you…

Oh, and I’d love to pass on one of the best news compilation sources I’ve found in a while — The All-Star Newspaper, which appears to be a service of Brill’s Content.

This probably won’t surprise people, but I’m fairly terrified of the brand of “justice” that John Ashcroft, Dubya’s nominee for Attorney General, seems to practice.

I will definitely have to return to The HoneyNet Project.

Bruse Schneier, author of a monthly newsletter on computer security and crypto stuff, has a written a good little treatise on the issues surrounding computer voting technology.