Hot damn! The snow here in New York City is completely amazing. My fire escape looks particularly awesome — the snow is piled up only on the little grates, so it looks like an eight-inch-tall waffle. Supercool.

I’m sure that there’s a business model here somewhere…

This MSNBC article on the biggest tech flops of 2000 is a good read, if for no other reason than the “Napster Excuse Game” at the bottom.

(Oh, and once again, does anyone else find it at all ironic that Napster is suing another company over copyright violations?)

Has anyone seen my metababy? I miss it.

For those wondering what will become of the current White House website once Dubya is inaugurated, look for it at — the National Archives and Records Administration is giving a home to all four versions of the Clinton/Gore Administration’s website.

I must give a big, fat thank you to MetaFilter for keying me onto the fact that Dubya very well may be an animatronic robot. I just want to know why they don’t have the third picture that they talk about in the article…

Sherry Colb, an ex-Supreme Court clerk, has a detailed look at why the Justice ain’t as principled as many think he is. Free speech is a convenient excuse for him when he agrees with the belief being voiced; when he doesn’t, then some other principle comes to the forefront.

Addictive much?

While handy, Symantec’s LiveUpdate feature is also a pain in the ass, as is the company. I have two Symantec apps on my machine, WinFax and Norton AntiVirus. LiveUpdate says that there’s an update available for both apps, but when it first tries to get the WinFax update, it fails — and then doesn’t allow any further updates. And despite the fact that I’ve paid for my annual LiveUpdate license, there’s no real tech support available for the product; the email that I sent them (as per their tech note) generated an autoreply that explicitly says that I won’t receive any real reply from them. The fuckers.