Best wishes to Greg, his wife, and their families.

There’s no way I could make this one up: a man pled guilty today to attempted murder and elevated aggravated assault after attacking his son with a crowbar when he discovered the lad having sex with the family dog. Wait, let me clarify that — the son was in “an ongoing sexual liason with the dog.”

(And I just discovered that one no longer has any chance of beating a MetaFilter poster; I posted the above link, and then wandered over to MF just to see that someone got it up there yesterday. Damn.)

“Many of my friends lived like this; it was temporary, we thought, part of being young. One day we’d get real jobs and move into real apartments with leases and airtight windows and nothing that crumbled when we touched it.” For those of you who have heard about the New York City housing crunch, here’s a great article from the Times that explains just how bad it’s getting. (I, on the other hand, lucked out almost six years ago by falling into a rent-stabilized two-bedroom, before the crunch was that bad and before the rent stabilization laws were drastically changed.)

I had no idea that the Times Metropolitan Diary column archives were online — it’s my favorite column of the paper, yet I rarely remember to read it on Mondays. Now I can read it anytime!

William Rehnquist, in a prime example of stating the obvious, told Congress today that the U.S. court system was “severely tested” by the 2000 Presidential election. Of course, Bill ain’t a stranger to getting involved in Presidential elections; there’s decent evidence that he participated in efforts in Phoenix years ago to intimidate immigrant voters out of the voting lines.

(Has anyone else noticed that if you bookmark a page in Internet Explorer 5, you end up with the Netscape icon next to the bookmark in your Favorites menu? Why would they use the Netscape icon as their favicon.ico?)