This is a tough one for me: Pyra is asking for donations to cover new servers for their bang-up web app, Blogger. I have a Blogger account, but don’t use it at all; that being said, I really do believe that they have added something truly significant to the web, and that supporting that is something that I should do. Time to think a little bit… I’ll decide by bedtime.

Awesome — it appears that the upcoming Microsoft X-Box will have an ethernet port built-in. How awesome will it be for people to be able to hook this puppy right up to their broadband connections? I wonder how long it will take broadband ISPs to ban connecting it to their networks, what with the bandwidth it will consume.

From the What-The-Hell-Is-He-Talking-About department comes one of the latest quotes from the man that a minority of the country elected to be President:

Natural gas is hemispheric. I like to call it hemispheric in nature because it is a product that we can find in our neighborhoods.

A Michigan local police department has removed rainbow stickers from all of its police cars after learning that they represent tolerance for homosexuals. My two thoughts on this: first, how much more clueless could they possibly be, not knowing what the rainbow symbol generally means? Second (and more importantly), though, what if they had put stickers on the cars which (unknown to them) represented tolerance for blacks? Would they have removed the stickers then? I can’t imagine that they would have; removing the rainbow stickers smacks of intolerance for gay issues.

Hey — there’s a new service pack for Microsoft Office 2000. I cannot stand, though, that you have to have your original installation media around in order to install the service pack; it’s one of the most poorly-designed updaters around.