You have no clue how happy I am that all the SportsCenter commercials are now online. Even the oldies. Some of the best commercial ideas and scripts are in them thar archives…

I like this picture of the last eclipse of the second millennium. (The “home page” of the image is here.)

I understand that there’s generally a free pass given to the incoming President to name his cabinet members, but I really don’t think that it’s all that ludicrous to expect the Secretary of Labor nominee to have not violated fundamental U.S. labor laws.

You know why Microsoft’s going to win their appeals? Because Jackson, the judge in the inital trial, seems completely unable to hide his overwhelming, all-encompassing bias against the company, and there really is no way that an appeals court can ignore that. Jackson has now admitted that he has held a fundamental distrust of Microsoft since he was overturned in his 1995 decision that the company violated their consent decree. In addition, it’s funny that he feels Gates has a large ego — I really don’t know if I’ve ever come across a judge with as much of an ego as Jackson.

Wendell’s back, and we’re gonna be in trouble… (Hey na, hey na, Wendell’s back!)

If you live in New York, you benefit from a law passed by Governor Pataki last year which should make you happy. The “Do Not Call” law establishes a telemarketing registry which allows you to opt out of any and all telemarketing activities; companies which ignore your presence in the registry will be violating a law of New York. You can now get into the registry; the law takes effect on April 1 of this year.

I’m looking for an unusual piece of hardware, and am wondering if anyone out there can help. I want a box that has a serial input and a keyboard output; I send a serial signal in from my computer, and out come valid keyboard codes, so that I can control the keyboard-in port of another computer. I’ve found a single option, from a British company; are there any others? (Mail me…)