my storTrooper

Thanks to Cam, I decided to generate my very own alter ego — a MiniJason, if you will — over at the storTroopers site. Fun fun fun; imagine how happy the pediatrician in me was when I discovered that one of the “accessories” was a baby!

Wow! A new Volkswagon Microbus! (Although this highlights one of the things I hate about Flash-designed sites — I can’t bookmark a specific page within the site, nor can I avoid pointing you all to the Flash intro.)

If the first missive is at all representative, it looks like Salon is going to have a great round-up of Temptation Island every week. The classic excerpt from the premiere episode review:

In the good old days nobles and gentlemen settled disputes about women with glove-slaps to the face and duels, addressing each other as “Sir” all the while. The 21st century reality-TV version of this process involves the manager of an Athlete’s Foot shop dropping a Deadhead bracelet in front of a masseur on a Caribbean beach in an attempt to stop him from having on-camera monkey sex with his girlfriend.

The New York Supreme Court awarded exclusive custody of a surrogate child to the father last week, and if that isn’t rare enough, he’s gay. Most interesting, though, are the excerpts from the contract that the mother and father entered into; not exactly the most legal of language.

The new crazy, cop-hating freshman Representative in New Hampshire has resigned his seat, amid much concern that he didn’t properly inform the populace of his extreme anti-police opinions. Of course, we’ve come to expect the press to do that for us…

Dinkism of the Day:

I would have to ask the questioner. I haven’t had a chance to ask the questioners the question they’ve been questioning.