One thing I gained from this Salon article about urban exploration is that I definitely need to putter about in New York more. One of my favorite personal finds is the phantom subway station, shorter than a modern train and now abandoned, at around 91st Street and Broadway; I haven’t figured out an above-ground entry to it yet. Any other New Yorkers want to explore with me?

Back in July, I pointed to what many were calling a mistake in J.K. Rowling’s fourth Harry Potter book; later in August, I surmised that it probably wasn’t a mistake, instead meant to introduce a twist into the plot. Well, I was wrong.

One alleged NFL murderer is currently sweating the jury deliberations in his capital trial; another alleged NFL murderer is eagerly anticipating the spotlight of next weekend’s Super Bowl. What a terrific place the National Football League is.

Remind me to return to Brent’s inessential entry from today regularly; it holds a lot of import for any regular Frontier developer.

William Saletan has penned a little look at one of the first possible instances where Dubya’s inability to string subjects and verbs together coherently is hurting his actual policies and plans.

John Ashcroft has gained even more print, this time about his hand-penned words of thanks to Larry Pratt, director of the ultra-conservative group Gun Owners of America. What a wonderful man to have representing law and order in the United States. (Oh, and thanks to Andre Radke for pointing out my typo in yesterday’s entry about Ashcroft.)

I just started playing with the outlining stuff that comes into Manila via Radio Userland, and I’ve got to say, it’s damn interesting, and pretty cool.