Hello from chilly Tampa, Florida, home of Super Bowl 35. As soon as the Nikon D1s arrive from New York, there’ll be pictures…

The William P. Gottlieb Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz — a bookmark that I cannot lose.

Dr. Mike has a terrific rant on the new presidency; I chuckled for a while after reading it. An excerpt:

So President Cokehead, a uniter, not a divider, took the oath of office from the man who put him there, a man decked out in the same stylish Gilbert and Sullivan Theatrical Society robes he wore to Bill Clinton’s impeachment gala in the US Senate. Bravo!

VisiBone, maker of my favorite HTML color reference mousepads, now has an incredibly cool set of popups for HTML design, available from their website or for download to your very own home on the ‘net.

Those incredibly bright people who brought you the CueCat are at it again, this time with a Cross pen that doubles as a barcode scanner for those stupid little cues. I wonder how long this one will take to hack.

Does anyone remember the Sex in the City where Samantha is plagued by the bad taste of her playtoy’s… well, his spunk? Too bad she didn’t know about Semenex — apparently, the product of “research into the phallic-worshipping religions of the ancient world.”

There was a little blow-up on the Frontier-Server email list overnight, a blow-up which (typically) has led to its demise as a Userland-hosted thing. A poster brought up that he had been asking Userland to fix a bug for a while, one which he considered a showstopper for his work, and that Userland finally had responded that they weren’t going to be able to devote time to the fix. He then mentioned that he was disappointed that Userland was going the more-glamour-in-adding-features-than-fixing-bugs route, and the response was like a small bomb going off. Nonetheless, Frontier-Server will now live at eGroups; since I don’t like eGroups a whole lot, and don’t trust them anywhere close to enough to give them my main email address, I think I’ll be leaving the list.