It’s been busy in Tampa, but today, I put a lot of digital pictures on my hard disk. Tomorrow, I’ll upload some of them; included are images of the B2 (stealth) bomber doing a practice flyby (as well as the same thing by the fighter jet formation team). Cooooool.

Okay, okay, for all you people lobbing partisan insults at the outgoing Clinton/Gore admininstration people for their now-notorious pranks, it turns out that the administration of pere Bush did the same damn thing. Thus, if it’s childish, it’s childish despite party affiliation.

In a web-based version of six degrees of separation, it turns out that the guy I mentioned yesterday, the one with one hand and a dozen nails sticking out of his forehead, went to high school with a weblogger, John Mulligan.

Here’s a great Windows 2000 tip on how you can access and prune almost every component of the operating system.

I finally found the weird piece of hardware I was looking for — a little box that takes serial input and translates it into keyboard output — but the damn thing didn’t come with one lick of documentation. And given that the company’s in England and tomorrow’s Saturday, I doubt that I’m going to solve this in time for the Super Bowl. Damn.