Am I the only one who finds something a little hinky with lifting the words right off of someone’s weblog and throwing them onto your own? The only way to find out if Dave cribbed someone else’s thoughts is to hover over the little unlabeled widget to the right of each piece and then look in your browser’s status bar, or to click on the widget; clicking on it doesn’t bring you to the original item, though, but rather just sends you to the original author’s weblog’s main page. (Here’s a screenshot of the sites as seen tonight.)

How happy am I? For some reason, there’s a website in my referrer logs today that is the online companion to one of my favorite book series ever, Griffin and Sabine.

Between World New York and All Star Newspaper, I’ve got all my news needs covered. I really like World New York’s The Numbers feature — a good, hyperlinked verison of Harper’s Index.

Thank you, Brennan, for pointing out that Alyson Hannigan was one of FHM’s covergirls. I’ve always wondered what she would look like broken out of her Buffy role.

I love that political cartoonists are having a field day with Dubya’s faith-based charity attempts.

Joe Conason takes a good look at Ted Olson, who is a very conservative lawyer and is reported to be Bush’s soon-to-be-announced nominee for Solicitor General. Strangely, the man seems to have maken a life out of trying to get Clinton impeached, yet himself was investigated by an independent counsel and found to have played games with language in an effort to mislead Congress and the American people. And I ask again — this is Bush’s best attempt at bipartisan happiness?

Bookmark for myself: starting a command prompt in any folder with Windows 2000.