I think there’s a picture that rivals the now-famous Earth at NightThe Moons Of Earth. What an incredible shot.

What a bad, bad day for a Washington political newsweekly to loudly proclaim that it’s time to lessen security around the White House.

As a doctor, I feel it would be totally irresponsible not to educate the lay public about the most common drug side effects. (As seen in this week’s Onion.)

Just because my site has an RSS file available does not mean that it’s OK use software to take the posts and put them directly onto another weblog; having an RSS file is not opting into Radio Userland’s newest feature that does this. (And, in addition, there’s no way to turn off the creation of the RSS version of a Manila site without also turning off all syndication; this is something that people asked for a while ago, and as I recall, were told that it wouldn’t happen.) Perhaps the forked version of RSS needs to have an element in which people could place restrictions like this…

A cellphone with a full-color screen? It seems that every time I get a new toy, an even cooler one is announced, and jealousy ensues.

The Register has what seems to be the best overview of Microsoft’s proposed activation system, which will probably be built into the next versions of Windows and Office. As someone who does a lot of testing and building of development labs, I’m not terribly pleased with this addition, but I have a feeling that it will all shake out in the end.

Liquidifying my brain and drinking it? I guess thanks are in order, Tom… but it doesn’t mean that I’m not a wee bit spooked by it.

Yaaaay! The Shuttle is off, the Shuttle is off, and again, my addiction to space travel is further satisfied. And as a scientist (of sorts), I also think it’s damn cool that they’re attaching a science lab to the Space Station.

One thing I didn’t mention about my trip to Tampa was that I got to see the Space Station — as a bright light in the sky every night. I would have never predicted how bright it is; apparently, the addition of the new solar panels made it a hell of a lot brighter in the night sky.