Why have I never tried to type in www.freecell.org? Seems that there are quite a few others out there who suffer from my addiction. I’m happy to find NetCell, which will let me keep my stats across multiple machines. Aren’t I pathetic?

Interesting: ReactOS, a project with the goal of producing an operating system which is compatible with Windows NT, on the application and driver level. I wonder if they’ll ever succeed — and if compatibility with Windows NT is even worth aiming for now that Windows 2000 has a pretty solid installed base.

Columbia Law professor Michael Dorf examines the contradiction between Bush’s ban on federal funding of organizations which perform abortions and his proposal for federally funding religious organizations which perform charity work. I really like his logic here.

On what legal basis can Congressmen punish Clinton for his pardon of Marc Rich? I love how this MSNBC article buries in the third-to-last paragraph the fact that “there is nothing Congress can do about a presidential pardon unless the Constitution is changed. The presidentís power to pardon is absolute and not subject to appeal.” Shouldn’t this be a little earlier in the article? More importantly, though, I would have hoped that the U.S. Congress had learned something from the Lewinsky impeachment debacle.

Former White House counsel John Dean wrote the best overview that I’ve read of the whole pardon scandal and impending Congressional investigation; his conclusion is that Congress has as much right to ask Clinton to testify as it does the right to ask a Supreme Court Justice to testify about a Court decision. He also points out an interesting conundrum — any attempt to file criminal charges would have to stem from the Department of Justice, yet whenever an ex-President is brought to court over actions committed when in office, he is entitled to representation by… the Department of Justice.

I know that everyone is pointing to this right now, but after reading some of the details, I can’t help sending people to read about IBM’s guilty past of assisting the Nazis with automating the drive to exterminate millions.