The Boy Scouts lose another supporter due to the group’s policy of banning homosexuals from its ranks.

Wow — you can contact the International Space Station via ham radio! Not ever having used a ham radio, I don’t understand most of what this page is taking about, but I’d love to figure it out.

The Brooklyn Museum is at the epicenter of a New York controversy again, with Mayor Giuliani pissed off because it is displaying a piece depicting Jesus at the Last Supper as a naked woman. Again, I ask: how many people would see this if Mayor Nimrod didn’t start foaming at the mouth? He’s such an ass.

Remember the series of Tintin kids’ books? If you come across one with Tintin in a Thai gay bar, don’t be shocked.

Another hand transplant has taken place in the U.S. — Jerry Fisher, a gutter installer, endured the 13-hour operation and will soon begin physical therapy. Cool.

On Wednesday, I noted that a trademark controversy started brewing over SSH (secure shell); the makers of OpenSSH (the group being taken to court) have put up a web page containing all the related correspondence to date.