ISSN 1533-810X

Back in November, I requested an ISSN number for Q Daily News; last week, I finally got the acknowledgment that one had been assigned. I’m not sure that this means much, but if nothing else, the site’s now a registered serial publication. (It also means that I join the ranks of Pith & Vinegar, NUblog, Prolific, and Will Pate, to name a few.)

The Washington Post seems to be coming around to the belief that Dubya doesn’t exactly have the most solid of grasps on issues or policy. He appears to be adhering to talking points in his speeches, and when questioned further, doesn’t have the ability to elaborate; much of the time, his elaborations are just plain wrong.

Come on, join the latest craze and play Mingo Hangman. (I can’t even begin to pronounce this language.)

The Astronomy Picture of the Day site has had a string of hits this weekend. On Saturday, there was a beautiful, floodlit picture of Apollo 9 sitting on the launchpad awaiting takeoff. Sunday brought an animated lunation cycle, showing how the Moon actually wobbles a bit on its orbit. Today’s shot is of an incredible shadow cast by the launch plume of the latest Shuttle mission, seemingly beamed straight from the Moon. Awesome.

Oh, this is choice. Apparently, there’s an insurance policy out there that you can get for your handheld. Don’t think about collecting on the money, though, if your PalmPilot is destroyed while being used as a weapon of war, or as part of a rebellion, insurrection, revolution, or civil war — damage as a result of those things are specifically excluded from the policy. Glad they cleared that up.


I’ve applied for and was assigned one as well (July 28th, 2003), so apparently it is very much up to the center that receives the application whether or not you can get one.

When I search ISSN for my number (1379-8499) and I don’t show up (yet). You on the other hand do - I guess I’ll need to have more patience. ;)

• Posted by: ServMe on Nov 15, 2003, 8:28 PM
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