No, really, Anil, you should try to stop holding in your feelings. Pulling punches isn’t your style.

Just so everyone’s clear: “It’s important to have a home.”

It’s funny — I set up a new Linux box recently, and immediately, I started seeing people hitting it with this exploit attempt. According to the people running the honeypots, the estimated lifespan of a standard RedHat 6.2 installation that’s connected to the net is two to three weeks; doesn’t surprise me at all.

What a strange and weird (yet wonderful) picture of Kirk Douglass. I wonder what he was doing when they snapped the shot…

I’m sorry, but I find it very hard to believe that Napster will have a spare one billion dollars to hand out to the major recording labels over the next five years. This seems, to me, to be like when I wrote my friend a check for ten million dollars — cocky bravado, but nothin’ to back it up.

I’m so happy — MetaBaby’s back! (I love that Greg’s officially dubbed this one “version 2 II”.)

Anyone who falls for this Ponzi scheme deserves to lose their money. It never ceases to amaze me how blind some people can be to scams; likewise, it never ceases to amaze me how the same scam can be dressed up in so many ways, and fool people every time. (And, while surfing around for more information on this, I discovered that Brian Livingston not only did a column this week on this, but managed to get some background information that sheds light on why the scam hasn’t been shut down — like the fact that it’s based out of St. Kitts.)

Brad, you’re a genius. An evil genius, yes, but a genius nonetheless.

Damn, I knew the Chicago Bulls haven’t been so great since Michael Jordan retired, but I didn’t realize that they completely suck. They’re currently 8 and 43 — eight wins, in fifty-one games. They’re twenty-three games out of first place in the Central Divison. They’ve won less games in the last three years (38) than they lost in the previous three years (43). They’re just plain terrible.