Thanks to Mike, I’ve got a new toy. Fun fun fun.

McSweeney’s is funnier every time I read it. I went to college with one of the authors, and I’ve got to say, he’s still the funniest person I’ve ever met. His series “History’s Notable Persons Reconsidered” is not to be missed.

I still love that people are getting all pissy about Google’s takeover of the Usenet archive once hosted by I also love that these people are now saying things like that the Usenet archives “are too important to be entrusted to a single commercial concern” — as if wasn’t such a commercial concern. (Of note, there are people who are noting the beneficial effects of the takeover, such as faster search returns.)

The Standard takes a look at Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson’s behavior in the Microsoft trial, and wonders if it may be a crucial nail in the coffin of the government’s case against the company. Regardless of your views on Microsoft and its actions, is there anyone out there who can say with a straight face that Jackson acted without bias? Hell, he’s already admitted that he stuffed as much into the findings of fact in an effort to get as much past the Appeals Court as he could.

Tonight, 75,000 children will fall asleep as citizens of foreign lands; tomorrow morning, they’ll wake up as citizens of the United States. What a great piece of legislation, helping parents overcome years’ worth of bureaucratic hurdles and nightmares and get on with raising their children. wonders if it’s too little, too late for SSH Communications in its current attempts to enforce its trademark on the term “SSH”.

I honestly wonder if Dave understands what a publishing workflow is like, and what it’s real purpose is. Am I wrong in reading this piece as an accusation that “workflow” means “purposely withholding information from the public that it needs and deserves”? If so, he really is buried deep within a reality distortion field. (I particularly like Rick Winfield’s take on it — “it’s not that we don’t have a feature, it’s that we’re making a political statement!”)

Dubya finally held a press conference… and didn’t look so great. In a fairly representative example, a reporter asked the President about European plans for a rapid-response military force, and Bush babbled a completely nonsensical response. The reporter followed up, trying to get an answer, but instead, got more babble. “An informal poll of White House reporters indicated that 100 percent were confident Bush had absolutely no idea what the BBC reporter was talking about.” Priceless; this man is our President.

I want this.