atlantis from below

I’m such a sucker for a cool space picture. I think I’ve found my next desktop image…

Act quickly if you’re willing to pay for a phone call of a guy acting like Abraham Lincoln making monkey noises. No, seriously.

My friend Tim has made another funny. (It’s a PDF, so if you don’t do PDFs, don’t click it.)

Dunno if it’s true, but one computer news source is reporting that Apple has disbanded the team responsible for the G4 Cube, and that the company had to buy back nearly $3.5 million in inventory from CompUSA.

Once again, Dubya demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the policies of the United States. Honestly, I don’t know why his staff lets him talk; he truly is an idiot. (My favorite parts of this article are the notion of an English-to-Bush and Bush-to-English dictionary and the quote from the White House official that “the President is always correct.”)

Yeah, I know that most people think it’s because his brother was a judge on many of the appeals decisions, but I like to think that Justice Breyer recused himself from the upcoming medical marijuana case because he likes to smoke the doobage himself. (Actually, he’s the only one on the Court that I could see kicking back with a bong.)

Wow — a whole article on the religious following that’s developed behind Shiner Bock. (I miss Shiner so much in New York; I have yet to find a reliable source for it.)

The bitching and moaning surrounding Google’s takeover of the Deja Usenet archives has hit the popular press. Whine, whine, whine…

If you have any knowledge about regulations which define the various parameters of the jobs of President, Vice President, and member of the Cabinet — work hours, vacation time, sick leave, and whatnot — please email the Explainer, as he’s stumped.


Too bad you didn’t let me know about your Shiner needs, I could have brought you back a case from Austin!

• Posted by: Anil Dash on Mar 16, 2001, 2:28 AM
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