The Sea Launch platform succeeds again, in launching a digital audio satellite for XM Satellite Radio. I would love to go out on the command ship for a launch sometime.

The Linux wristwatch is getting more and more interesting, although I’m not sure I’m ready to have someone start hacking into my frickin’ timepiece.

It’s funny — my first reaction to the news that some people are trying to get Jedi acknowledged as an official religion was that it was ridiculous. But then I remembered that the Church of Scientology is based on a science fiction book… which, of course, verified that it’s a ridiculous idea.

And on the Scientology subject, I love how Slashdot is justifying the deletion of some Scientology-related post. Those involved are saying that they had to delete it, as it violated copyright — a reason that they specifically fought when they refused to delete a post which contained copyrighted Microsoft code. What a bunch of asses.

Genius: a look at what the future of this Presidency could turn into if Dick Cheney continues to have health problems. “President Bush today threatened ‘to unplug Dick from the respirator’ if House Democrats don’t go along with his plan to privatize Social Security and Medicare.”

Just finished watching the Penn State/UNC game… wow. UNC didn’t end their year very well; Sundays have been particularly hard for them.

It’s so sad when knowledge bases have to cater to the lowest common denominator.

God damn Netscape (again). Today, I spent two-plus hours trying to figure out why a common User (not a Power User, or an Administrator, but a User) can’t run Netscape 4.7X under Windows 2000. Turns out that there are a slew of security changes you have to make, since Netscape doesn’t know how to do multiuser. I want that time back.

I can’t even begin to understand the British Airways policy of not seating men next to unaccompanied minors. They say that they are “trying to balance the needs of the child with the needs of the adult” — huh? Someone needs to explain this one to me.