A Cal State-Fullerton student was told to either quit her job as a stripper or turn in her track team uniform; she didn’t find it that tough a decision to make. You can catch her at the Flamingo Theater, where she’s making the money that puts her through school.

The Economist has a good article on computer forensics (the science of dissecting computer crime), mentioning the HoneyNet project. HoneyNet is a network of computers that are designed to be broken into, so that the hacks and cracks can be analyzed and patched — what a cool idea.

Alas, the answer to my question yesterday (about the Microsoft update revoking the two bogus VeriSign certificates) was in their FAQ. The third certificate included in the revocation list is a genuine one that Microsoft revoked in order to test their update. (If you go to that page, you have to expand the FAQ section to read this answer.)

Did you know that you can’t get within 50 feet of the courts at NCAA tournament events if you’re holding a drinking cup that doesn’t bear the NCAA logo? What mindless twit came up with this rule?

Made some tweaks to the design here today; most of them will go unnoticed by everyone, as they only involved virtually-invisible spacing issues that probably only annoyed the hell out of me. But if I fixed something that annoyed you, too, then I’m glad. (Update: now, one of the tweaks will go noticed by Netscape 4.X-and-older users; I finally implemented a dumbed-down stylesheet for you guys, since I got tired of Netscape’s inability to display most CSS properly.)

I think it suffices to say that Roger Ebert did not like Tomcats.