You’ll remember that yesterday, my connectivity was restored only by the grace of a Verizon tech who installed a functional T1 in parallel to my broken one. Well, overnight, my ISP got the original one working… which means that, for the next couple of weeks, I’ve got two T1s. Of course, traffic is only routed over one of them, but I can dream, can’t I?

Pepsi seems to have a saucier side down under. (It’s a background that they have available for download; pay particular attention to the right side of the image.) Thanks to Chuck for this one.

Oh, what incredible genius lies within The Guardian’s world primer for George W. Bush. Take, for example, the entry on Russia: “A confusing one these days. Recent reports suggest that the Russian government is seething with corruption, its labyrinthian offices and corridors staffed by indolent good-for-nothings with a history of heavy drinking. As such, few points of similarity with a Bush administration, and probably therefore not a priority.”

What a hell of a surprise — Bob Knight is a nutbag, and seems to have screwed his new school’s team already by bagging three scholarship recipients without understanding that he can’t replace them until next year.

And another surprise — Network Solutions is untrustworthy and contemptible. They trick people into discount renewals and then claim that they’re ineligible, charging them more; they trick customers of other registrars into renewing with them; worst of all, they do all of it with a database of names and addresses that they shouldn’t be allowed to use. I think that it’s time for me to move my domains to another registrar.

This morning, I worked in the Child Advocacy Center in the hospital. Kids who are the suspected or proven victims of abuse are assigned to followup in the CAC; the attendings there are the people who are called by the ER at all hours of the night when a kid comes in who has suffered through unspeakable trauma. One of the kids I talked to was referred in after his school noticed a bruise on his face and he said that it was from his mother hitting him. The worst part of it was that mom told me that she hits him — and that she’s a New York police officer. She seems to think that it’s part of acceptable discipline to “pop” her son. I swear, sometimes I think people should need licenses to have children.